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Workshop - Production Planning

Determining what to produce and when

Planning can be described as making decisions about future activities and events. The problem of differing time horizons and precision is addressed by planning materials flows and production by gradual stages in a hierarchical structure of planning functions. Planning priority means determining what a company should produce and when.

When it has been decided which products to offer and how these products are going to be made, management must plan the system’s capacity

Objectives: The workshop explains and discusses how resources should be planned for and organized in order to supply service from manufacturing and inventory.

Participants: Those personnel who work with production in a supply chain.

Qualifications: It is good if participants know about or have worked with production planning in some way.

Training Method: Workshop - Production Planning is an instructor-led workshop composed of lectures and group activities where the participants can gain their theoretical understanding through practical training.

The complemented method is that participants study a related E-learning course. Read more about training methods E-learning.

Course Length: 1 day instructor-led workshop.

Price: This course is best suited for groups of 8-12 participants. The price varies depending on number of participants and location. Request quotation.

Prices excluding VAT.
For large-scale education projects request quotation.

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The course contains:

Meeting 1:

Manufacturing Planning and Control. Group exercise

Planning Principles and Objectives

Master Planning and the Planning Process. Group exercise

Capacity Management

Inventory Management. Group exercise

Implementation of Lean-Game: Forecast controlled flows Group exercise

Summary of the day and discussions

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