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Workshop - International Purchasing

How to purchase in a one-world market

The demand for purchasing and negotiating skills is growing steadily since the importance of the purchasing function is increasing due to the operation on a global market. Negotiations are frequently held in a complex, global and multi-cultural environment.

Breakthroughs in transportation and communications bring foreign suppliers practically as close as domestic ones. The workshop will give you extensive knowledge in international purchasing, supplier contacts, and negotiation planning and tactics.

Objectives: The purpose of the workshop is to provide you with profound knowledge required to conduct international purchasing and negotiation in an efficient and professional manner. Participants receive a questionnaire in advance to submit issues from their business into group discussions.

Participants: Purchasing, sourcing, sales and other business professionals with aim to improve their skills in purchasing, negotiation and how to reach agreements with international counterparts or strategic suppliers and customers.

Qualifications: No previous knowledge is required, but it is preferable if you have some work experience from some of the fields in purchasing, logistics and production.

Training Method: Workshop - International Purchasing is an instructor-led workshop composed of lectures and group activities where the participants can gain their theoretical understanding through practical training.

The complemented method is that participants study a related E-learning course. Read more about training methods E-learning.

Course Length: 2 days instructor-led workshop

Price: This course is best suited for groups of 8-12 participants. The price varies depending on number of participants and location. Request quotation.

Prices excluding VAT.
For large-scale education projects request quotation.

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The course contains:

Meeting 1:

Purchasing Overview

The purchasing process & planning Group exercise

The buyer role, relations with buyers

The negotiation process Group exercise

Communication, code of conduct Group exercise

Implemation of SCM-Game: Forecast controlled flows Round 1 Group exercise

Meeting 2:

Review of the previous workshop

General purchase agreements Group exercise

Supplier selection and management Group exercise

Costing as a basis for pricing Group exercise

Implemation of SCM-Game: Forecast controlled flows Round 2 Group exercise

Summary of workshop and discussions

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