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We develop companies, personnel and individuals with new knowledge

Gothia Logistics is one of Sweden's leading education and knowledge companies with focus on the needs of the manufacturing and logistics business. We have educated companies and individuals all over the world since 1992. Our specialties are E-learning, workshops of Lego-games and customized training.

Our E-learning Courses

We offer two kinds of online training formats. Premium courses cover more comprehensive knowledge and Module courses are shorter and give summary knowledge. We would like to help you with the choices.

The courses available are in the following fields:

Kategorifärg General Logistics

Kategorifärg Lean Production

Kategorifärg Purchasing

Kategorifärg Production Logistics

Kategorifärg Warehouse & Distribution

Kategorifärg Health Safety and Environment

Kategorifärg Economy

Kategorifärg Leadership

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Workshops China

A creative link between theory and practice

Our workshops aim to stimulate driving forces and motivation in participants. Everyone contributes to an engaged and active process under discussion. Here everyone has chance of having access to shared knowledge of opportunity and development.

Kategorifärg Supply Chain Management

Kategorifärg Lean Production

Kategorifärg Production Logistics

Company Games

Company Games is an approach that focuses on practical training of the principles of Lean Production and Logistics. Practical understanding and application of acquired knowledge is very important for an organization's performance.

These games include competitive element and within the task when it comes to improving their approach to achieve better results between the participants as they would like to perform better than their colleagues.

Kategorifärg Lean-game: Line, Kanban & Balance

Kategorifärg Lean-game: Standardized instructions

Kategorifärg Lean-game: Standardized methods of working

Kategorifärg SCM-game: Forecast controlled flows

Customized Courses

Do you want to include company-specific information in a course? With our flexible course system, we can in a simple way adjust our courses and add customized material to them.

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