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SCM-game: Forecast controlled flows

To build understanding among participants for more effective communication

Game Supply Chain Management aims to illustrate how communication in a supply chain influences capital tie-up and delivery reliability.

In this game participants act at different stages in a supply chain to assemble two different vehicles delivered to customers. You need make judgments on information and place the order of needed materials based on stock and demand. Prerequisite is influenced by history, forecast and variability.

The game is carried out in two rounds. At the second step the participants can exchange information actively along the whole chain.

Objectives: The aim is to practice and understand how communication and production strategy influence component supply and capital tie-up for product delivery reliability.

Participants: The course suits those who work in the fields of supply, production, inventory, distribution and sales or work with effectiveness of supply process at a company.

Qualifications: No previous knowledge is required.

Training Method: SCM-game: Forecast controlled flows is an instructor-led workshop composed of lectures and group activities where the participants can gain their theoretical understanding through practical training.

The complemented method is that participants study a related E-learning course. Read more about training methods E-learning.

Course Length: 6-hour coaching training.

Price: This course is best suited for groups of 8-12 participants. The price varies depending on number of participants and location. Request quotation.

Prices excluding VAT.
For large-scale education projects request quotation.

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The course contains:

Meeting 1:

Review: rules of the game and the concept SCM

Net requirements calculation and capital tie-up

Implementation of SCM-game: Forecast controlled flow

Discussion on the experiences and the significance of communication

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