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Flexible learning for performance

Our education library contains a wide range of courses and workshops. We offer various forms of flexible learning. Our two systems of training courses studied over the Internet are: Premium Courses and Module Courses.

The courses fit companies with a geographically dispersed organization, which means that all personnel can have the same skills.

Premium Course

A Premium Course has a study time of 5-30 hours. The courses include review questions and several diagnostic tests with questions that must be correctly answered before a new study block becomes available. A written final exam concludes the course. The questions are answered in writing and sent through the system to us for grading. When the final examination is passed a personally signed diploma will be issued.

A Premium Course includes personal guidance of an unlimited extent through the course book of the trainee on the online education platform. Our student monitoring system provides an overview of all the trainees and their progress. Reports are delivered on request by e-mail to a contact person at the customer company. Go directly to our Premium Courses

Module Course

A Module course has a study time of 3-5 hours. The course design is based on the principle of modules that can be combined to a training program.

The Module Courses include review questions and a final exam with multiple-choice questions. All questions must be correctly answered, by the three available tests, to pass the course. A personal course certificate for the trainee is printable directly if the test is passed. There is no guidance provided to the trainee. Go directly to our Module Courses


Workshop is a 2-8 hour session, divided into one or several parts. The session takes places at our conference room or at clients' site. In the later case, we will adjust contents to meet our clients' needs. Analysis, problem-solving and discussion are the highlights at a workshop.

Workshop can be combined with practical activities concerning workplaces or group games. Game is an educational approach to facilitate a deeper understanding. It makes the possibility of open discussion and practical training. After participating in the workshops, the trainees will get a personal certificate which lists the contents of workshops. Go directly to our Workshops.

We supply knowledge to people and professional support to processes and industrial activities.

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