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How it works


We have developed a number of different training methods to meet your specific needs. We work primarily with e-learning where you are studying online at your convenience, how long or how often you want. Our e-learning courses is an eco-friendly and environmentally-friendly training method that minimizes travel.

Below you'll find guidance about how you read our e-learning courses and the technical requirements.

Do you want to know more about which training format that suits you, click here.

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The Technology behind Instant Education

Instant Education is a web based training platform developed by Gothia Logistics AB. The system is adapted to individual studies and is designed in a very understandable and practicable way.

Since all our courses are located on our servers, we are able to work with continuous updates. The students don’t have to download or install anything on their computers since the system only requires a regular browser. This enables studying in different places and on various computers.

The system creates a course book for each student. The course book registers the students’ results and study habits. Thanks to this, we can easily monitor their achievements and contact students who need support, help or guidance.


Technical requirements for Instant Education:

  • Computer with internet connection
  • Internet Explorer 6 or Firefox 1.0 or newer versions.
  • Screen resolution of minimum 800x600 pixels. (1024x768 or more is recommended)
  • Javascript should be turned on

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How our standard E-Courses works

1. The student creates an account, logs in and is greeted by his/her personal course book.

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2. The student follows the course at his/her own pace.

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3. We give support and guidance through the course book. Here, the student can ask us questions that arise during the course.

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4. When the student has passed the course we send a course certificate.

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