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About Gothia Logistics

Our Business Concept

Gothia Logistics provides companies with continual education, helping them make their processes more effective. Our head office is located in Norrköping, Sweden, but thanks to our e-learning methods, we can provide education all over the world.

We offer courses in Logistics, Lean Production and Purchasing. Our main education method is e-learning and studies over the internet.

Our Domestic Organization

For now, our international work is limited to education and e-learning. Our other services can, for the time being, only be offered to domestic companies. However, we would still like to give you an idea of what we work with besides e-learning:

Working with Developing an Organization
When a company wants to develop and improve its processes, for example when implementing Lean Production, it’s necessary to include a third, impartial party.

We assume the role of the neutral discussion partner and contribute with our knowledge about organizational developments. We also function as a coach and inspiration for the company.

Developing Leadership
As a support to our customers’ work assignments we offer on-site education and coaching for various kinds of leaders and managers.

Networks of Knowledge
We organize networks where people can develop within their own professions. The purpose of the networks is to bring people who work with similar tasks and assignments together to discuss current operational issues.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading supplier of industrial training and education by offering interactive methods and customized support. Our contact with the international market mainly originates in international organizations that have connections to clients in Scandinavia.

Our organization focuses on creating strategic values for our customers through services and assignments concerning logistics, organization development and leadership.

Our Core Values are:

  • The customer’s needs determine our performances in the everyday work.
  • We want to work in an atmosphere characterized by demand for results, trust, mutual respect and development of personnel and company.

Our Future Objectives are:

  • That the development of the company has a profitable and stable rate of yearly redoubled turnover, guaranteed for a period of 3-5 years.
  • That the company’s international business accounts for at least 50 % of the turnover.
  • That we have provided our e-learning courses with virtual tools for facilitating and stimulating flow problems, making them understandable and providing support for decision making.

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