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Why choose us?

Effective Education using Modern Methods

Competence means to turn knowledge into action. Effective professional education is a key competitive advantage for both an organization and the individual.

Based on different needs for training, we have developed a unique educational system with a large number of courses in the areas our clients require. We have developed and sold e-learning since 1997 and has over ten years experience in the field. Since 2003 we have also trained personnel internationally.

Advantages of e-learning for the employer

Reduced Productivity Cuts - The employees don’t have to leave and are available if needed.

Cost Effective - The employer doesn’t have to pay for traveling, lodging or daily allowance.

Uniformity - All employees are given the same education, even in geographically scattered companies.

Advantages of e-learning for the student

Time Efficient - By using e-learning you can study when it suits you, for as long and as often as you want.

Simplicity - Since the student can study and repeat at any time the learning is easier.

Guidance - A Premium Course student can easily come in contact with us for help and support.

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We Adjust to your Needs

We want you to study what you consider to be important. With our flexible course system we can make sure that our courses suit you perfectly. We can easily add or remove information in all our courses. Read more about what we can do for you under Customized Courses

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