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Customized Courses

We Customize your Education

We offer you customized courses that suit your educational needs and wishes. Thanks to our flexible technique we can, in a simple way, create new, unique courses for your company.

Company-Specific Course

Each course is made up of several small pieces put together to a whole. Because of this, we can easily create new courses.

We can easily include new information in our courses, for example information from your company, such as definitions of level of service and delivery precision or key ratios and statistics.

By including company-specific information, the reference frames concerning terms, concepts and methods will be the same for all employees. In addition, they will also be able to see the connection between the studies and their work assignments more clearly.

Examples of Alterations
  • Removing information from course
  • Combining pieces from various courses, thus creating your own, unique course
  • Adding company-specific information to course
  • Creating course from the company's own material

In our Course Library you can read about our courses and plan how you would want your course to be. All our courses can easily be adjusted to fit your needs.


Camfil AB


The training method Gothia Logistics AB offers is based on various courses and degree of difficulty. It's a great advantage to be able to influence the contents when we developed our course.

Since our staff can study over the internet it saves us both time and special locations. Moreover, it is an environmentally friendly and economical advantage when the internet is always available. If we need to change the courses in the future, the flexible education system is an advantage.

Gothia Logistics AB has been very supporting in helping us achieving our goals.

About the mission

Camfil was founded in Sweden in 1963 and is today the world's leading air filter company with about 3400 employees worldwide. The base is in the North, where Camfil is the leading provider of both standard ventilation filters, metal filters and cleanroom filters. Among other things, Camfil delivers filters to all nuclear power plants in Scandinavia.

Gothia Logistics was assigned by Camfil developing a course in Incoterms. Based on a pilot course Camfil helped design the course and can now train their staff, no matter where in the world they are. The education system that is accessible over the Internet allows companies such as Camfil to have continuous learning in geographically dispersed operations.

To support the development of skills in Camfil we also now follow up of participants' implementation of the course.

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