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Instant Academy

Let us run your Education Academy

We want your education with us to run as smoothly as possible. With this in mind, we have developed an educational solution adjusted to fit your company. We call this solution Instant Academy. This solution makes the studying easier for your employees.

Education Academy within your own Intranet
By creating a personal start page for your company, your employees can easily find and log in to our courses via your company’s intranet.

By using this solution, the employees interpret the educational platform to be the company’s own

Your company receives a company-adjusted educational system where all administration and course evaluation is done by us.

Yours but still ours
All course material is located on our servers and therefore, nothing has to be installed on the company’s own computers. Because of this, there are no security risks or technical administration. The only thing required for e-learning studies is an internet connection.

Student follow-up
The person responsible for the education is granted access to the course and can take part of the student achievements.

Advantages with Instant Academy:

Smooth and simple for the students.
When the students are going to start a course, they log in via the company’s own intraweb.

All administration is done by us.
We handle updates, student guidance, marking exams and making course certifications.

Status reports
We provide periodical status reports in order for you to keep track of the students' performances and study results.

Exampel of a status report

Further development for your needs.
Courses are selected to suit your company. Our courses can also be customized to fit your needs. Read more

All students are given individual support.
We guide, supervise and support all our students.

Personal future value for the student.
Once a student has passed the course, we send him/her a personal course certificate.

Example of a course certificate

You find our course library here
Read more about our training methods here

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How Instant Academy works

  1. The employee enters the company intranet.
  2. Here the employee finds a link to the company’s own log-in and start page for the e-learning course. (This page is administered by Instant Education and is not located on the company’s own servers.)
  3. Here the employee fills out an application for further training, which is then sent to us.
  4. We send an email to the company training manager, who approves or declines the application.
  5. When we have received an approved application, we send log-in information to the employee.
  6. The employee then logs in to the course via the same link on the intranet as in step 1.
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