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References from some of our education projects

Alfa Laval AB


The flexible method with internet based courses and guidance has been well received in our organization to create a mutual terminology. I think that the co-operation with Gothia Logistics has worked well, both during the development of the courses and in the currently ongoing education project.

This form of global education suits rationalization projects with regular follow-ups very well. People from factories in China, India, Spain, France, Great Britain, USA, Denmark and Sweden have already been certified.

Richard Persson
Alfa Laval AB
Project Manager Operations Development

About the Project

Operations Development within Alfa Laval Lund AB provides business support within the area of logistics for the entire company.

With the aim to increase capital efficiency and client focusing, an education project was created. The education contains training in Inventory Management and certification of certain personnel groups from the company’s 25 manufacturing/distributing units all over the world.

Gothia Logistics AB has, together with Alfa Laval OD, developed web based courses in Inventory Management. Gothia Logistics has also created an internal academy for Alfa Laval Academy. Gothia Logistics handles the education, coaching and all administration for this training over the internet.


Kanthal AB


With the purpose of accomplishing a basic basis of knowledge and understanding for logistics and economy questions among the employees in connection to an improvement project, we have, together with Gothia Logistics AB carried through a educational program.

The outcome has been very good in several ways. Among other things, the employees have shown interest in wanting to further deepen their knowledge and in discussing alternative solutions concerning the production.

We intend to train more people using this method of training and courses of the same level. Instant e2e has given us good support concerning course adaptation, training and guidance.

Lena Akre
Kanthal AB
Production Manager

About the Project

Kanthal manufactures electrical heating materials and radiators to be used in equipment used for heating in industries and houses. The majority of the manufacturing takes place in Hallstahammar, Sweden and 98% of the products are sold on international markets.

Gothia Logistics AB has, together with the production management for wire drawing, created a web based course in production economy and logistics with customer-adjusted documents and additional information for guidance and training of personnel in planning and production.


Kinnarps AB


The training method that Gothia Logistics AB offers, with a selection of courses and various degrees of difficulty suits us very well, as does the method of flexible studies via the internet with individual guidance.

This kind of education suits our company since we have factories on several locations and since our work constantly changes and develops. We find that Gothia Logistics AB has handled the training professionally and we are still working together with the company.

Svante Schultz
Kinnarps AB
Manager Kinnarps Academy

About the project

Kinnarps manufactures and delivers office furniture from factories in Kinnarp, Jönköping and Skillingaryd to offices all over Europe. The company is regarded as one of the most effective furniture factories within this line of business.

Gothia Logistics AB has, together with Kinnarps Academy, held an introductory web based course in basic logistics for personnel from Kinnarps factories – mainly from the main factory in Kinnarp.

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