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Company History

With roots in logistics

Gothia Logistics AB has worked with organization development and education in logistics since 1992. Various logistics, transportation and education projects financed by the EU have been pursued in co-operation with the university and other organizations.


1992 The company is founded under the name Gothia Logistics Centre AB
1992 Our network Gothia within Logistics starts in Norrköping
1992 EU-sponsored logistic project for the Baltic States starts
1997 The education platform Instant Education is created and our courses are now webified
2000 Instant e2e AB founded and acquires training business from Gothia Gothia Logistics Centre AB
2001 Our network Gothia within HR starts in Norrköping
2003 Our first overseas student begin reading in English
2004 Logistics and HR network Scania starts in Lund
2007 Instant e2e AB changes name to Gothia Logistics AB
2010 Establish in China
2011 Our first student studying in Chinese
2012 Training of companies in 5 of the 7 continents

Knowledge through networks

During the following years, an active network was created together with people from the local business world. Regular breakfast meetings were organized at Gothia Logistics and a network for qualified sharing of knowledge was created. Here, the participants could meet and share experiences.


In 1997 Gothia Logistics received an order from Ericsson Mobile Communication in Linköping, Sweden. The order was for a flexible education in logistics with easy availability for training during production interruptions. This order led to the development of an e-learning platform and courses for web based learning with online guidance and support called Instant Education.

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